Toronto, Canada – Bell FibeTV/internet is excellent (when it’s working properly) but unfortunately, it is not always working properly.

Latest problem we have noticed within the last few months, and we have been a subscriber since November 2010. Closed captioning (CC,) when do you turn it on/off?

Let me update, since November 2010 we have had a problem with pixillating and sound outs, so because of that we had to activate the closed captioning. That’s a problem and tiresome process since it takes almost 10 actions to activate/deactivate closed captioning, no shortcuts, WHY?

We noticed many times that the CC seemed garbled, and couldn’t figure it out until about a month ago. When you go into menu for CC, you have options of turning on/off either standard TV (STD) or HD and if you have both activated sometimes the CC is garbled, or vice-versa. We have figured out how to get it right, but to try and explain it, is a real chore.

We mentioned it to Bell FibeTV about a month ago and still waiting for an answer.
They are great at taking the report but bad at following up or fixing the problem, and yet they have a big advertising campaign on right now in the Toronto
area and GTA to get even more subscribers online.
Some tips to remember, if you call to complain about any service be sure to get a name, and a ticket number, and I recommend you ask them their name at the beginning of your call.
The “STOCK ANSWERS”  they give are the best in any industry, but don’t accept, just “re-boot your box,” but if you do, keep them on the phone while you do it. Sometimes it does work, but for problems like CC, it does nothing, trust us. They will then start with the “let’s change you box,” but our experience has shown that does nothing either.
These appear to be software problems, and that entails a lot of work, and it seems they rather suggest other solutions, in our opinion.
But in full disclosure,  if you can tough it out, the system has some great features and when it is working properly, has a lot of merit. The picture quality is very good, and many of the features work amazingly.
CAUTION – VERY IMPORTANT: If you get Bell FibeTV/Internet you must use Bell for your internet, and must buy the internet connection with the package. Why is that important? Because they have a cap on your bandwidth, that’s the amount of uploads/downloads you do through the month, and your base amount allowed is only 25 GB and that’s not much if you play games.
Something else very important is, Bell FibeTV does not give access to the lobby cameras if you live in an apartment/condo, why not? And most likely they will not tell you that when/if you sign up, nor does Bell FibeTV offer FX Canada a new US movie network, which is carried by Rogers, and they probably won’t tell you that either.
Check this out HERE  about bandwidth restrictions and usage, they may forget to tell you about this important information if/when you sign up.
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