UPDATE: January 12/2012 – Marchand commented about his suspension in the Boston Globe, he’s gotta be kidding.

Boston, MA – Cheap shots are dangerous and can be expensive to NHL players if they get caught. Just ask Brad Marchand, of the Boston Bruins, he was suspended five games this week, which works out to over $100,000 fine based on his 2011/12 salary.

Marchand, 23, from Halifax, Nova Scotia is not a newcomer to suspensions, as this will be his heaviest fine so far this season.

The incident was reviewed by Brendan Shanahan and issued the five game suspension, but many do not think it was severe enough.

The hit Marchand gave to Sami Salo of Vancouver Canucks was not his first and he has been labelled as one of the “rats” who continually chew away at the stars of the game. Marchand is 5’9″ tall and in the NHL that is on the smaller side.

What he did on January 7th in Boston, was bend down low on the hit and thus Salo went head over heals and suffered a concussion. Marchand was ejected from the game and the video was sent to the NHL disciplinary board.

What has been discussed for years in hockey in the lower ranks, is any suspension should be levied for the same length of time that the player injured, is out of the game.

Five game suspension for Marchand will not cut it, although $100,000 is pretty hard to take, he better keep his head up when he returns.

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