Anyone, Anywhere (Celebrities) – Just about, anyway, if you wanted to know how much someone makes or what their Networth is, just click on the logo left. You can find, highest paid sports figures, rappers, TV anchors, celebrities and almost anyone in the news. Sports figures salaries LINK below.

It’s a really cool site, and a great time waster, and you can even check out their homes, and annual salaries, or just click on random, and find anyone.

As an example Justin Bieber is currently listed as $85 million networth.

And Anderson Cooper (CNN anchor) $100 million networth and pictures of his historic 1906 firehouse in Greenwich Village, New York. He pulls in a measly $11 million a year.

He paid $4.3 million about a year ago for the firehouse and it has over 8000 square feet.

The site will have all your favorites, and some you can’t believe they make that much, unfortunately, I am not on the list.

While we’re at it, have you wondered how much your favorite National Hockey League (NHL) players makes, Click HERE to find out.

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