Toronto, Canada – Way back in 2001 before Rob Ford was elected Mayor he was a high school football coach, accused by the Toronto Star in an article in July 2010. The Star alleged he physically touched a player who was not performing up to his standards. Ford claims it is not true and even launched a libel law suit against The Star, but it was never resolved, because Ford allowed it to lapse.

Toronto Star has been against Rob Ford even while he was a candidate for Mayor, and the one they were endorsing was George Smitherman, who lost the mayoral race and they have just continued to shoot down the newly elected Mayor.

Whenever The Star reports on a story about Ford, they most often tend to use an unflattering picture and any comment sections online are open way longer than any other stories on their website. Usually The Star shuts down the comment section when it reaches about 1-200 comments or a couple of days. But when a story is involves Rob Ford the comments are open for weeks at a time.

In a column last week the Chairman of the Board, John Honderich had some comments on the whole Rob Ford situation and the comments section is still open, Hmmm … Does that mean The Star does NOT support Rob Ford?

Just a few articles The Star has written about Rob Ford, you be the judge if they have been slanted.

I’m no flag waver for Ford, but he has done what he said he would do, and Stop the Gravy Train. He’s made the tough cuts, which no one else was able to do.–ford-outsources-business-cards-to-his-family-s-firm#article–ford-swore-at-911-dispatcher-report?bn=1#article

story in DJ about Ford with video of shutting out the Star

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