Toronto, Canada – The City of  Toronto has finally said they will shut down services, raise taxes, and reduce bus routes. Why are so many people whining about the cuts, what’s the alternative? What’s the big deal?I’m no flag waiver for Mayor Rob Ford but he came into office saying he would cut the gravy train, and that’s what he’s doing. Do we like it, no, not all of us, if it involves things we make use of in the city. But having three streetcars or buses going by empty, and bumper to bumper, it doesn’t make sense, even to me.

I heard the other day the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) was reducing service on some routes to delay buses by one to two minutes and people are screaming. I don’t think if you are taking TTC, one to two minutes is such a big deal, but maybe I’m in the minority. I have been using TTC for many years, and have always found it to be very efficient, and reasonably priced. They raise the loaf of bread by 30 cents and we hear nothing from the public.

Closing libraries, I disagree with, and closing some wading pools, but if no-one is using the pools in the summer and they have stats to prove that, what’s the big deal?
This city is broke, and unless somebody does something we will go bankrupt, is that the alternative? We cannot continue to pay our taxes towards services that are not being used.

Sure people are upset now, but if you stand back and be reasonable, isn’t this why we elected Ford in the first place, to do what so many others have not done in the past. If spending is not cut and we increase spending, that means the deficit will grow and grow. We do not need to be like the many cities in the USA who are going under because of spending without very little oversight. He’s doing exactly what no one else wants to do, and because of that he is the bad guy.

How about some credit where credit is due, he ended the Occupy Toronto movement at St. James Park and he didn’t garner any following for that, but it needed to be done.

These seem like very reasonable cuts to me, but only time will tell. I still don’t think we should ever compromise the police, fire or any emergency services. But I’m sure we can survive with a bus every few minutes.

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