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Toronto, Canada – Occupy Toronto ends their camp-out at St. James Park in downtown Toronto. Court ruled Monday it was illegal and police moved in at 6am Wednesday and cleared the park without violence.

Organizers have said the protests will continue, and some have reported they will find another camping spot, possibly Queens Park. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced in a statement on Wednesday that any camping on city property would not be tolerated, however marching protests will be encouraged.

'Yurt' with barricades

The shutdown of  Occupy Toronto  campers went very smooth as police moved in at 6am and was very peaceful as police, fire, and EMS made the transition very well organized. Several shelters were fortified with lumber and plywood and at the Yurt  library protesters had chained themselves to the building.

City workers removed most of the boards until the special police team, specialists in structural dismantling moved in and finished the project to release the protesters and arrest them.

Spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service, Wendy Drummond said, “A total of nine were arrested under the trespass to property act, fail to leave while directed. My understanding is the six I know were released and the other three that were just taken now, are in the midst of being processed.” She went on to say, “Our intention is just to stand by and allow the city to come in and do their job under the authority they had with the court order.”
The cleanup by city workers continued until about 5pm on Wednesday, and a few more were arrested, but most were processed and released immediately.

As the police tried to dismantle the library Yurt, where protesters were padlocked to the structure, many tried to get them out without arrest. “We want to have a conversation, what if we, as an occupy community, not with the help of the police, so we can take the yurt for possible reoccupation later, what if we have that conversation with the resisters right now.”

Even though fellow occupiers suggested this, a flag waving protester, Shane, was standing on top of the makeshift structure, blocking the yurt entrance, and he replied, “Not a chance, the negotiations are over and I am not leaving.” He was later arrested and released after processing.

“The spirit and the movement will not be stopped” said one protester as he was led to the processing area. Marches are being organized on a regular basis as they hold several meeting to continue there protests in a peaceful manner.

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