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Toronto, Canada – Occupy Toronto  was given notices today to leave the St. James Park tonight at midnight but five protesters went to court and were given an injunction which will be ruled on later this week.  This is the 31st day of Occupy Toronto and things were getting very well organized, but since the warning today many campers left the site in fear of arrest or violence.  The site has deteriorated and is very mucky and dirty, and the food area did not have any cups available when I was there, and I was directed to the sink. I chose to walk over to Tim’s instead.

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A truck pulled up around 3pm today with a full load of used tires and started unloading them, until the police approached. The sergeant asked them what they were for, and they gave him some “story” and allowed them to move them onto the property. Right after the conversation with the police the sergeant was on the phone I suspect to his superiors to find out what to do.

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It seemed very strange to me since I have heard/seen “Tire Fires” and they are not pleasant. What other reason would they be bringing tires onto the park? I contacted organizers, but they had no comment. The tires were piled up near the back of the Church on the NE side, and it will be interesting to see what they will do with them.

I suspect the police do not want any confrontation and thereby let them bring the tires onto the property, but I’m sure the same thing crossed their minds. Will they be bringing the gasoline in a different truck, not necessary, it’s already there, right next to the generators. (see picture)

Positive UPDATE – On November 16th the Toronto Fire Department arrived at the park and made the protesters remove the tires from the park.This may have been the plan they were arranging and the police finally put a stop to it, in the interest of public safety.

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