Toronto, Canada – It has been reported Thomas Hvozdar,  was  identified as the accused and he has been released to his mother on $3000 bail. His lawyer has suggested that he is new to the country “and did not realize the importance of the poppy drive.” Does he really think the judge will believe that?
An unnamed 26 year old Toronto man turned himself in to Toronto police Monday morning at 3am for allegedly stealing two, not one, Veterans poppy boxes from local businesses.
He stole the boxes from local stores in Toronto’s west end, and it must have kept him from sleeping.
The Royal Canadian Legion  places these boxes in local communities in respect of the War Veterans to commemorate Remembrance day on November 11th worldwide.
They use this money to assist Veterans with supplies when government resources have failed them.

What was he thinking, the lowest of the low and his conscience must have caught up with him. I suspect, the police thought it would not be wise to reveal his name, but the video of him taking the collection boxes, was widely broadcast on local TV and media in the Toronto area last week.

There were also reports of thefts of the donation boxes from Hamilton and Oshawa but they are not connected to this man.

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