Toronto, Canada – Don Cherry, broadcaster for CBC and host of Coaches Corner on HNIC has refused to attend Royal Military College to accept an honorary Doctorate degree due to a “circus” atmosphere.

In a report by Joe Warmington in The Toronto Sun on Saturday it was noted, a true military supporter and Canadian, Don Cherry (77) of HNIC (CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada) Coaches Corner, has announced he will not accept an honorary doctorate degree from the RMC on November 17th.

‘One’ professor at the Royal Military College in Kingston Catherine Lord has suggested that he does not support the French people, but leaves out the fact that he loves the French, just not the French that wanted to separate from Canada.

Cherry has had a long relationship with the Canadian military and made a trip to the troops last Christmas to rally support of the Van Doostroops in Afghanistan. On his coaches corner on CBC he honours the troops almost every week.

Cherry has been a supporter of the troops for many years and was born in Kingston, Ontario and his grandfather Richard Palamountain was a war veteran and returned to RMC and worked there for 17 years until his death.

He’s not always agreeable to everyone at all times, but he speaks his mind, as he says it like it is. He’s been controversial over the years on his part, but this time it has been created by Professor Catherine Lord. There is still time for things to change and if the 800 cadets at the college speak up and defend Cherry and request he attend, anything could happen at the convocation November 17th.

On his regular broadcast on Coaches Corner Saturday night he said, ” “I’m not going. It’s not fair to the other two guys, it’d be a circus down there. I’m sorry I can’t be there.” His co-host Ron McLean held up the front page of the Toronto Sun and asked him to talk about it, but he refused. He didn’t want it to become a “circus” and wanted the best for the 800 cadets who are graduating.

In his broadcast Saturday he proudly wore his Royal Canadian Legion blazer since he is a lifelong member of the Legion. We all hope he changes his mind and attends the honorary ceremony.


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