Toronto, Canada – Occupy Toronto is building (day 21,) remaining peaceful and strong despite the weather conditions. They finally got electrical connections from the nearby church.

They finally got electricity from St. James Cathedral which is right on the property (at Church and King east,) as well as portable generators that have been spotted around the park. They also have brought in several portable toilets.
Shelters (YURTS) have been provided by a Canadian workers union. The two structures cost $20,000 and have been brought to Canada from overseas (Mongolia.)

The campground has just over 100 campers and occasionally they march through the downtown streets of Toronto in a peaceful manner. They have a full kitchen area provided, with free meals being delivered to the campers at no charge, with the public donating food and many local restaurants bringing full meals.


Curtis from the Waterloo area about two and a half hours from Toronto spent the weekend recently and camped out with his friends at the protest, although he never took part in any of the walking protests. He’s had a difficult time after university and cannot find a job.

 Curtis said  “This has become a fight for the common good which has become not so common anymore, people don’t have the same opportunities, it’s more about bridging the understanding that there is a social collapse there’s a sinkhole in our economy and our communities and we need to plug it, and we need to make sure we’re not losing human life as runoff.”  He went on to say, ” The police have been very facilitating and they have come across people who are very workable, encouraging, very compromising to make things flow and to make things function.”
You can read more at Occupy Toronto with a live webcam.

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