Toronto, Canada – Could Bell FibeTV/internet service, or unservice result in the same action being taken against RIM (Research in Motion) who operate BlackBerry service around the world. As reported in the Toronto Star today, millions are getting together to sue RIM because of the outages for their services the last month on the network.I realize outages can happen and that is to be expected, but Bell FibeTV has had at least three significant outages over the last month and they do give small compensations ($2 to $5), if you call in, that is.If you failed to call in and ask for a refund for lost service, they would not credit your account.But to most people it is not just ‘lost service’ it is programs not recorded, all the inconvenience, and also the internet does not work if FibeTV is not working, because it comes into your house by the internet.

When the FibeTV service it out, you cannot watch any of your recorded shows either, did they not consider this when they were building the system? What if you have a phone through the internet as well, does that go out too?
The service is very good, when it is working properly, but we have had the service for almost a year, signed up in November 2010, and we are still getting pixillating and sound-outs, and they have tried to repair it, to no resolution. What’s the next step for FibeTV, a class action lawsuit?

Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA
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