The Boston Globe charging?

Toronto, Canada – I noticed last year the  New York Times started charging to read more than 20 stories a month and now others are getting on that bandwagon.  The Boston Globe  is one that has decided to do the same thing, yet I still don’t understand how it’s exactly going to work.

They are saying that people have cancelled subscriptions because of free access online. They don’t mention that they are cancelling because of the editorial content of their papers. All papers have a slant, but papers like the New York Times are clearly left wing and don’t try to hide it.

Consumers have lot’s of choices now, and we just   “won’t take it anymore”   we want honest unbiased reporting not people with an agenda.

Do they really think people will pay a monthly fee when they can go elsewhere and get it for free?

Aren’t they already getting their papers paid for by advertising?  Did the advertising rates go down because they say, subscriptions have dropped off?  I don’t think so, and I think they are just getting greedy.  Will they remove the advertising they have on their websites, I doubt it.

It will just drive more people to BLOGS like this and others to get their news, which I don’t have a problem with, but it just doesn’t feel right.
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