Toronto, Canada – I have written many personal reviews of the  Bell Canada FibeTV/internet  service and the past few weeks they have experienced several outage problems in the Toronto area. I realize things happen and that’s part of life. But how you overcome problems is more important, and how you compensate people for these outages is important. Just a quick UPDATE, I signed up for Bell FibeTV in November 2010 and since the first day have had nothing but problems, but when it is working it is one of the best systems I have ever seen with many powerful features, but that is when it is working properly. You can click the  (No Bell or Bell logos)  (or click one of the pics)  at the top of the story for all  of my reviews and get a more detailed report and make your own decisions.I have had pixillating and sound outs on several channels since the first day and about 15 service professionals have visited our home and the problem has improved, but it still exists, and yet Bell has tried several times to say it has been “Resolved.”
My biggest beef is they say, one of their service professionals,  “You can’t expect 100%,”   but Bell expects us to pay 100% although they have given us credits to the account, would they have given those if we hadn’t demanded/requested it?  Late last month their were many problems with the service, many of the features were not working.  They “say”  you can record four shows at once but we were only allowed to record two.  We called in a few times and went around in circles on the phone prompts and transfers and were finally given a credit for the disruption.  One representative told us that they  “will not give out credits anymore”  because they have too many customers. Hello, that’s your problem not the customers.  But at least we got our credit, and then on Monday, October 3/2011 we had no internet or TV for about six hours.I called in when we got back service but of course billing was closed so I called back this morning and got the big run-around again.  Bottom line, after all the calculations, they offered me $2.51.  After a bit of chat, he raised that to $5 but no credit for all the hassles, lost recordings, no internet and no TV.

You have to make your own decisions, but there are lot’s of options for us subscribers, and if Bell is going to be so cheap about giving credits for the services we have lost, we will start looking elsewhere.

It appears lots of people are looking for answers, as my site has received huge hits over the past few weeks and Bell better start getting their system working properly, if they want to keep customers, or get new ones.

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