Los Angeles –  George and Cindy Anthony made their first  “soft ball”   interview since the trial of their daughter Casey Anthony about the death of their grandchild Caylee Anthony, over three years ago. Not much new came out of the first of the expected three interviews except more excuses from Cindy, who claimed her daughter suffered from grand mall seizures, and tumors,”  however she only experienced one documented seizure prior to the death of Caylee. Casey also went to the hospital for a two day work-up and none were found. If you missed the first interview, you didn’t miss much, but the next segment will be on this afternoon on CBS and other stations.They didn’t address the 31 days missing or the cause of death which was disclosed in the opening statement (which is not evidence.) This may be discussed in further interviews and Dr. Phil   tried extremely hard to prove, and make it clear, that  “they never asked to be compensated”  and wanted to make that clear upfront. “they never asked?”   That does not mean, they offered them money, a reported $50,000 for the interview, but the Anthony’s   “never asked.”
It shall remain interesting what get’s asked in further interviews and whether or not anything new will come out of this, but in my view, it’s the same old stuff. If Casey is saying Caylee drowned in a pool (Casey actually never said it, her lawyer said that) and George was there at the time, why has this not been cleared up?In any case, we all shall remember Caylee Marie Anthony, and all the public wants to know is what really happened?
Will Caylee ever be able to RIP, we hope so.dandmb50flickr's photos on Flickriver
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