Toronto, Canada –  The City started charging a five cent plastic bag fee in June 2009 and it still exists today, even though the Mayor Rob Ford said he would discontinue the practice when he took office.  The biggest problem and question from the beginning, is why the stores did not go back to the old practice of asking  “paper or plastic?”  Some stores are now starting to offer a choice, but we still have to ask. I just noticed yesterday while checking out at a downtown Metro (formerly Dominion) store, paper bags are available but they are tucked under the counter and out of sight. I was never asked if I wanted paper.  If the intention of the law is to stop and save the environment, why is it okay to buy plastic when another option is available, paper bags? Shouldn’t all stores have both and offer both to the customers?
My previous  story  on plastic bags points out that many consumers are running out of plastic bags and starting to use bread bags for their garbage.  I don’t think the idea has stopped the use of the plastic bags, it just generates this  FEE  for the store owners, which they can do with it whatever they want, does that make sense?  Where are the plastic bag fees going in  The Toronto Star.   This is what we all want to know and many larger chains are responsible and donating the fees to environmental causes.
City of Toronto instituted the  five cent bag fee   back in June 1/2009.  And why don’t we have garbage cans like this, so we don’t have to TOUCH any part of the garbage can lid which may have germs all over it?   Is it because animals may get into the garbage, I think they do that anyway.
The garbage cans that are now being put downtown, have a lever that you push at the bottom to open the slots to put your garbage in the container, but how is a handicapped person suppose to operate that, and most of them do NOT OPEN when you push the foot pedal.

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