St John’s, Newfoundland – This week Michael Ryder placed the Stanley Cup, one of the most valued and recognized sports trophies in the world, on a table in Newfoundland, and it collapsed, and dented the cup, a wee bit. Ryder who was a member of the 2011 Stanley Cup champions Boston Bruins has since joined the Dallas Stars with a two year contract. It is only the second time the cup has ever been brought home to Newfoundland. All members of the winning team are allowed to have the cup in their possession for 24 hours in their hometown.
Ryder who lives about 100 kilometres north from St. John’s in Bonavista, (a small costal town of around 4000) continued on his trip to his hometown and it has not been in Newfoundland since 2008 when Detroit Red Wing’s player Dan Cleary was able to bring the cup to the province.

The “keeper of the cup”    Phil Pritchard was likely on hand and I’m sure he will be double checking all tables in the future, before the Stanley Cup is placed anywhere. The cup is one of the few in North America that has all winning players names inscribed onto it, and has a very interesting past. Many players have admitted they have slept with the cup, and one young toddler even sat inside the cup and had an accident. The cup was stolen many years ago in Toronto and although there are replica cups, it was finally recovered.

When the cup is not with the winning teams it can be seen at the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto, year round, and it’s a hockey fans dream visit.animator gif

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