Do you think all the preparations for the chance that Hurricane Irene will be as bad as all the media say it will be, is it just too much hype or is there really the possibility that it will be destructive.

We heard these warnings before and many just ignore them, but will this be the big one?  If it heads out to sea and bypasses the east coast will the media apologize? Not likely, and yet why do the media constantly want to put everyone in a state of fear?
Is  it  just for the sake of getting everyone to go out and buy supplies and encourage the economy, or is it to keep everyone scared all the time. What happened 60 years ago when a tornado or a storm moved into the country, there was no sophisticated radar back then, but today we can be  ‘prepared.’ 
I’ve always said that it’s important to be prepared for the worst but this has gotten to be a little bit too much, it seems that every few months, there is another warning to be prepared. I don’t remember the “be prepared”  for the people of  Joplin  when the tornado came through there, was that because there wasn’t too many people affected?
And by the way I don’t think it’s a great idea to have lanterns or candles in your house during a strong storm, or you may be having another major problem, a fire to deal with.  For those who still feel the need to “prepare”  you can get all the information you need at New York City website by  CLICKING HERE,  and I thought a lot of the info is very good. Do you think the bottom line is  “THEY”  don’t want to be in the position of Katrina  and have done nothing,  at least if it is really bad, they can say we tried to prepare and tell you to take cover.
UPDATE: Saturday, August 27 – 9am – It appears the storm has hit North Carolina, but it has died down and just a category one, which can still be dangerous, but not the three they expected, that all the media has been reporting. Basically all transportation and offices have closed down on the east coast and even the subway system in NYC closes today at noon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best, but I still think it’s overkill, bigtime. Some media talking heads are even reporting you should put a tag on your toe with your name inside your shoe, because you could  “BE DEAD.”
UPDATE: Sunday, August 28/2011 – Was the whole situation an overreaction, you bet,  but that is the best way to do it, based on what was coming into New York and they were prepared for the worst.
I’ll give you a simple answer, let’s say you go to a local bank and all the tellers are behind bullet proof glass. They don’t expect that everyone coming into the bank is going to rob them, they are prepared for the .1% that come in to hold up the clerks. Same thing here, they did a wonderful job in preparing, but if they did nothing, and New York was covered in water and thousands killed, who do you think they would have blamed? It was/is a no-win situation for the government, but although I doubted the seriousness of it, I am so happy it’s just a heavy rain storm, and I am sure, so are you.
Or is it just a way for the media to get their ratings up?
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