Toronto, Canada – As reported in the Toronto Star  today another innocent man was found not guilty in his illegal arrest at Spadina/Queen in June  2010 at the G20 summit in Toronto.

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As you can see, below, this police officer (‘crazy cop Lady,’  still has not been identified) was a little strung out, angry and aggressive, exactly what  Judge Melvyn Green  said in court Thursday, “The only organized or collective physical aggression at that location that evening was perpetrated by police each time they advanced on demonstrators,”   and he was referring to the “kettling”   of people at Queen/Spadina on Sunday, June 28/2010, in his 29 page judgement.
“Kettling”   is a term used when police surround people completely and move in on all four sides and move closer and closer so no one is allowed to leave. They held these citizens in that area for four hours in a heavy rain storm with no water, no washrooms, and no charges. After the whole episode had been on live local TV they finally released all the people.The Toronto Police Service has said they will no longer use this technique.
UPDATE – August 13/2011 –  Outgoing deputy chief  Tony Warr who retires at the end of the month thinks the public and the media have overreacted to the conditions at the  G20 summit  in Toronto, as reported Saturday in the Toronto Star.

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