UPDATE: January 2012 – WANT TO SEE THE NEW VIDEO DIARIES, scroll down, both online videos HERE.

Orlando, Florida – Casey Anthony was not in court today for a hearing about her probation that she received years ago for check fraud. Judge Belvin Perry heard the defense and has reserved judgement until a later date.

Casey Anthony’s defense lawyer Jose Baez attended a hearing today before Chief  Judge Belvin Perry regarding a charge from her previous Judge, Stan Strickland who wanted to add probation from a charge of fraud (check charges which she received over 400 days) she was convicted of years ago before her murder charge of her daughter that she was acquitted of in July. It appears it is “piling on” and Judge Perry heard the evidence from the defense and prosecution and did not make a decision today.
UPDATE: January 2012 – Coincidence these two new videos have just recently surfaced to get Casey back in the news.

Judge Stan Strickland had ordered that she was to serve a period of one year probation, “upon release from jail” but it appears they never thought she would ever be released from her murder charge while she served almost three years awaiting her murder acquittal. Judge Strickland has since been disqualified from Casey Anthony’s case. 
Basically, if the court (Judge Strickland) wanted to enforce the probation on the fraud, it should have been enacted prior to her release and immediately after her acquittal of the murder charge. Judge Strickland had appeared on TV and voiced his opinion in a biased fashion, and said he thought the juries decision was wrong, which he is suppose to be neutral as a jurist. Judge Strickland had previously rec-used himself from her case.
She had a problem free stay in jail while awaiting trial for murder, and probation officers actually made visits to her for probation on the fraud charges related to the check frauds, which she was granted “time served” while she awaited her charges of murder of Caylee Anthony, which she was acquitted.
The Judge should correct the error, it’s done it’s over” said defense attorney Ms. Lizabeth  Fryer.
The sentence in the Strickland trial was erroneously transcribed, and the prosecution contends that the probation order was valid`, and she should serve one year probation
`When did the State of Florida learn the oral and written order was written wrong?`asked Judge Perry

Administrative probation is being considered, where the defendant is not required to see a probation officer but they monitor her so she doesn’t physically have to report, just a phone call or the probation office will watch her as long as she doesn’t break the law in any way, she could also be told not to even call.
“It’s not a clear cut issue, and I just don’t know the answer at this time” said Judge Perry.
He has reserved judgement and will need more time to research this case further.
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