UPDATE: Why is it not called CARIBANA anymore? Read below for the answer.
Toronto, Canada – For many years Americans visiting Canada always got about 20% exchange on US funds but not any longer. The rate today was about 6% loss on American dollar and has this been reported in the USA media? Not to my knowledge, because I watch a lot of USA business channels and have never heard it reported. Why is that?  Another thing visitors to our great city must be aware of is the gasoline prices. Fill up before you come to Canada, since our price is around $1.32 per gallon, opps I mean per LITRE, so you are actually paying more than in the USA. I find it very sleazy when you come off the bridge from the USA and let’s say Windsor, Ontario, you come out of customs, and the first thing you see is a huge sign on all the gas stations with $1.32, and then in very tiny letters the word, litre. Do they do this on purpose so you might think it’s way cheaper to buy gas in Canada? You bet, that’s what they want.  And then there are the signs on the highway when you leave Windsor, at least they are honest, you see a speed sign that says, 100, but then again that’s kilometres per mile, which translates into about 65 miles per hour.  I’m not trying to scare you away from our great city, Toronto, but be aware of these things if you are coming here for vacation or a visit. But won’t the USA media tell us these things? Sorry, it appears not, and I’m not sure why they keep it under wraps.                                                                              This weekend we have the ScotiaBank Toronto Caribbean Carnival which was previously called the Caribana and it brings millions to Toronto, and it’s a great time had by all. The reason they don’t call it Caribana anymore is because the owner of rights for “Caribana”name, will not allow them to use that name. But we all still call it Caribana.You can of course exchange your US dollars before you come to Canada, and check HERE to see what the current conversation rates may be. I’m sure most retailers will take your US dollars at par, that means you get dollar for dollar, no exchange rate, but you never know.

Another very important thing to remember if you are traveling by car to Toronto, don’t speed, or to be specific, don’t speed over 50 km over the limit, you may lose your car and huge fines. Other than that, have a great visit. And then of course a visit to the CN Tower is expected and they have a new feature called “EDGE Walk” yes you are right, you walk along the outside of the CN Tower with harnesses attached to your body and it’s a measly $175 Canadian, but doesn’t officially open to the public until August 1/2011.

JUMP UP, Jump up, have fun, join in ..

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