Orlando, Florida – It never ends, it seems everyday their is something new in this tragic case and although she has been found  “NOT GUILTY”  and will be released tonight at 12:01am, there seems to be no end to it. Casey’s defense attorney Jose Baez who won the case of the century, is now appealing the guilty verdicts of the jury for lying to police for which she received four years sentence, but ended up with  “time served”  and only had to go to jail for about an extra week after spending almost three years in jail awaiting her murder trial. It appears to me that maybe he is just appealing the part that allowed the Chief Judge Belvin Perryto run the four years consecutively instead of concurrently (all together) which will be determined in the appeal, if it is granted.The main questions still outstanding is what happened during the 31 days that Caylee was “missing,”  and what part did Roy Kronk  (metre reader) who found Caylee’s body and collected over $200,000, and George Anthony, had in this case. A full investigation must be re-opened by the OCSO.  There’s all kinds of speculation as to why Jose Baez wants to appeal the lying convictions, it appears to me it is because he is trying to head off the lawsuit from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office   (which could amount to over $500,000) for the cost of the search for Caylee which it appeared, she knew she was dead already, but did she?  She has been consistent from the beginning, “Caylee is missing,”   but she did lie about many things but was consistent on that point.Her lawyer Jose Baez admitted in his opening statement (which is not considered evidence in court) that she is “a liar” and did she lie about Caylee missing?  Casey never took the stand, and never has spoken to anyone but her lawyers, to give her side of the story. Casey never said, “she died by accident in the backyard pool,”   not that I can remember.She did lie about her working at Universal Studiosand many other things, but did she lie about Caylee missing?  NOT from her mouth, in public anyway.It also seems everyone is lining up to sue Casey, mainly because she is expected to make tons of money post trial for book deals and movie rights and everyone wants a piece of the action. The vitriol and demonization that has been going on after her not guilty verdict is astounding, and constant death threats and TV talking heads, in particular Nancy Grace  who still thinks she is guilty, but not guilty does not mean she is innocent but the anger in the community is unwarranted. She has been found not guilty by the jury and what would happen if a close family member of yours, or yourself had been charged with murder and they/you were not guilty, and found guilty of a murder you did not commit?

They always say it’s better to let 10 guilty people go free than to convict one innocent person of murder, which I don’t completely agree with, but it makes sense, in our judicial system, in the USA and Canada two of the best systems in the world.

Michael MacLean a convicted man who is in jail in South Carolina has now come forward and said he is the father of Caylee, and wants a paternity test so that he can sue Casey for wrongful death of Caylee. Tim Miller of EquuSearch is suing for $112,000 for the search of Caylee, when she already “knew Caylee was DEAD,” but how does he KNOW she knew Caylee was dead, because Jose Baez said it in his opening statement?  Even the bounty hunter weirdo, Leonard Padilla is suing Casey for his loss of money to the tune of $200,000, everyone is putting their hands in her pocket, before they have anything in them.

Nancy Grace this week just showed video tapes from jail, during her visits with her parents while she was talking to them  and kept showing them for 2-3 days constantly, but Nancy, the trial is over, why keep trying to convict her? Is Nancy Grace and HLN, CNN and all other media outlets covering it, cashing in on the story, or are they reporting NEWS?   I’ll let you decide.

Will it all end when she is released, I don’t think so, this will go on for years, and will we ever be able to get juries for a murder trial again, after the public is calling the jurors,   “murderers?”

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