Orlando, Florida – All the talking heads, pundits,  are saying that Casey did not disclose the fact that her daughter died by accident, and that she must be held  accountable for not reporting her missing for 31 days. I still have a problem with the 31 days, but did she ever say “My daughter died by accident in the pool,”   NO, she never took the stand to explain anything.  It was HER lawyer Jose Baez that said, “It was an accident,”  we all assume that is what she told him, but then, why did Casey not report the accident, it just doesn’t make any sense. She thought it would be better to Cover up a murder,”  now that doesn’t make any sense either.

Tim Miller

There has to be more to the story, and now that the Texas EquuSearch  has announced they are suing Casey Anthony for the $112,000 they lost by searching for her daughter when SHE’   knew she died from an accident in the pool, that is NOT in evidence.  Who called Texas EquuSearch to look for her daughter, was it Casey, or her parents? Did anyone call EquuSearch, or did EquuSearch call the Anthony’s?  Casey, was not the mother of the year, and never will be, and I think she had something to do with Caylee’s death and thought she would be convicted of something, and put in jail.  But she was always been consistent with her ‘story’    from the beginning, she always said “her daughter was missing,”   a lot of what she said was lies, but she was saying the same thing while she was questioned by the police.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Office  (OCSO)  could not bring in the evidence because Casey was not read her rights, but she never said, that I can remember, that Caylee drowned by accident.

And today ‘Dick Tracy Orlando, Yuri Melich’   of  (OCSO)  just confirmed it.
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