Orlando, Florida – I know it’s hard to believe but on the HLN Special Report   at 5PM today, Vinnie Politan   (Host and one of the ‘self appointed EXPERTS)’  asked, “Who had a better trial, the prosecution or the defense?” And are you ready, they all thought the prosecution had a better trial  and yet Beth Karas (who was superb) had the guts to say, “It was a draw”
All through the trial they asked this question and surprise, surprise, they all said the “prosecution won every day”   it’s not even close. I found that to be the same from the majority of the main stream media (called the lame stream media by some)  and especially all of the CNN outlets. When Nancy Grace had any guests on her HLN show, if they didn’t agree what she had to say, she would just cut off their microphone, and of course never invite them back. The young women producer that works with Nancy Grace  is just amazing, and how she can work with her, is beyond my comprehension. She has more patience than me.

I have been saying since the verdict, where is the anger towards the prosecution, for NOT winning the case? Where is the protests to blame the prosecution and the District Attorney for blowing the case? Why have we not heard the people of Orange County, Florida, call for the resignation of the District Attorney Tony Rackauchas?
You can be sure he will be elected again, and that also amazes me, his team, lost the biggest case they have ever had in Orange County, but the people of Orlando don’t seem to care.
Why is that?

It was announced just after the verdict that lead prosecutor Jeff Ashton had retired and since the verdict has made the rounds on every TV show, but did he retire, or was he fired?

We enjoy the same jury system here in Canada, and yet our Judges and District Attorneys are not elected to office, they are appointed, and I think that is a better system. If either one makes a decision the public dislikes, they remain in office, since it is not a popularity contest. These are very important positions and they must be taken by people that make the right, and tough decisions, not decisions that can get them re-elected.
But it is, what it is, and I am very disappointed in the people of Orange County for not showing any disgust or anger towards your DA and prosecution team. Please tell me WHY no anger?

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