Orlando, Florida Nancy Grace of HLN Network which is a part of CNN has been covering the “missing persons” case of Caylee Anthony since June 2008. For at least the past three years she has done nothing but put down Casey Anthony, whether or not she had anything to do with the murder or killing of Caylee, and well prior to the verdict by the jury. During the trial for the past six weeks Nancy Grace did nothing but tar and feather Casey and went as far as “putting words in her mouth.”

Last week on one her shows about “ToT mom” (that’s even offensive) where she shows video clips over and over for about 30 minutes of her one hour show, she presented a clip of Casey in the courtroom, mouthing something while she was sitting at the defense table and Nancy Grace put text of the words they were suggesting/wishing she said?? She did not say, they had a speech expert interpret the lip reading, they just put the text of the words under her mouth.

Nancy Grace is now in an uproar over the verdict, and trashing Casey with vitriol which she has been doing throughout the trial, and now is onto the terrible suggestion that Casey may make money off a book or a movie deal or payment for interviews.

It’s OK for Nancy Grace to make money for her network for the past three years slamming Casey, as the alleged murderer, which she has been found NOT GUILTY by 12 jurors, but for Casey, to make money for her story, is very inappropriate, does anyone see the irony? Let’s be honest people, the media networks pay for interviews, not directly, but through back doors, or pay for a picture of a family member, and throw it in the garbage, or many other ways. They “SAY”  the payment was for a picture, which they throw away, but we Don’t pay for interviews”,  yea right, that’s a leap, if I ever saw one.

After the verdict, Nancy Grace has done nothing short of   “inciting a riot, of a lynch mob mentality” because  SHE thinks  Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee Marie Anthony and she “KNOWS SHE DID IT?”

It’s sad to say, but Nancy Grace will NOT be satisfied until something bad happens to Casey Marie Anthony. A few years ago (January 2010)  a young women Melinda Duckett was  involved in a missing persons case of her son Trevor and was interviewed by Nancy Grace, and she ended up killing herself, I believe that is still before the courts.


Casey was found NOT GUILTY and has every right as any citizen to tell their story, and make money, doing so. What really needs to be done, but Nancy Grace does not touch on it, is chastise the prosecutor Jeff Ashton for not proving the case. In fairness, Ashton did not have real evidence because of the constant lying of Casey, and they were unable to find the skeletal remains until it was fully decomposed. But where is the anger against the state, for bringing murder/death penalty charges in the first place?

The story will never end, until Casey Marie Anthony tells HER story, but will she by lying, or telling the truth?

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has announced that Casey will be released from jail on Sunday, July 17/2011, if this is a ruse and they are lying, can the police be charged with LYING TO THE PUBLIC?  Hmmmm?

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