Orlando, Florida – The jury has spoken, and made their final decision and found Casey Marie Anthony not guilty. Whether we agree with it or not we must accept the juries verdict and move on. We must remember a very important fact about the jury system in the USA and Canada, it does work, and it’s better to let nine people go free than to convict a single person who is innocent. Some may not even believe in that, but if it was you or a member of your immediate family that was charged with murder when they were innocent, you may be backtracking very quickly.

The reason the system is set up this way is so that it benefits the defendant and the prosecution must prove their case with evidence beyond, and to the exclusion of reasonable doubt. This is exactly why Lady Justice (above) is blindfolded, the prosecution has the burden of proof.

Flower for precious Caylee ...

What would have happened if defense attorney Jose Baez had just rested his case after Jeff Ashton had presented his case in chief? Do you think the outcome of the trial would have been the same?
I do not think so, because the defense brought up many witnesses that the prosecution did not call and presented evidence that Ashton did not reveal. Was Jeff Ashton required to present all evidence, or just present evidence that proved Casey did the deed?

Defense team - Jose Baez

I’m not sure, I’m not a lawyer, just a regular working guy, and yet I think the prosecution left out many details of the facts, and if Baez had not put on a defense, they never would have been brought out to the jury. Since the prosecution did not prove their case by a reasonable doubt, no cause of death, no idea of a motive, no proof who put on the duct tape, no proof who put young Caylee’s remains in the car, no proof who put Caylee’s remains in the woods. The defense could have rested at that point.

I was on the fence from the beginning and after listening to a lot of the prosecution so-called evidence I had swayed towards guilty, but once I heard Baez punch huge holes in the case I started to see that maybe, this was all a real travesty.

We all experienced a great deal of emotion in this case and everyone loved little precious Caylee, but the bottom line, the state did not prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, in my eyes and the juries.
I still believed she would have been convicted of something, but I do think the state overcharged big time and that may have been their downfall.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton has announced that he has “retired”   but is that true, or has he been fired, for losing the biggest case next to the O.J. Simpson case and the first time I have ever heard of a murder weapon, as duct tape. If Casey wanted to kill her daughter, she could have done it in a much easier fashion and we still may never know how she died or who put her remains in the woods.

One thing that has amazed me about all of this is why there is not outrage or vitriol against prosecutor Jeff Ashton for losing the case because he had no real evidence, and now he’s making the rounds on all the media outlets. I watched one tonight, and he is doing his thing by putting down opponent Baez and being his arrogant, bully self as he talks down his nose to everyone.

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The Anthony family is receiving death threats already, and the line has started anticipating that Casey will win the lottery, with her chance to make money off this terrible tragedy by writing a

Tim Miller

book or movie rights for the story. Tim Miller  of Texas EquuSearch   is considering suing Casey or the Anthony family for the search for Caylee, which cost them over $112,000,

(which operates by donations and help of volunteers) and is has been reported that the Orange County Sheriffs Office may try to get compensation for their search for Caylee, when Casey knew all along, the child was dead, as they first mentioned in the defense’s opening statement.

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