Orlando, Florida – Thank goodness for the American jury system, Casey Marie Anthony was acquitted of all charges except lying to police, which she already had admitted several times.
The bottom line, the prosecution had NO EVIDENCE.  The other most important point is Caylee Marie Anthony   is dead, and we still don’t know what happened to this beautiful young girl. Nancy Grace will surely spin this tonight, but right from the horses mouth this afternoon, even Nancy Grace has admitted that “Casey can now go ahead and write a book, do a movie, or anything else she wants to do.”  Casey will be back in court Thursday morning to face the Judge Belvin Perry for sentencing on lying to law enforcement officers. From what I have read, the maximum penalty she can receive for lying to police, is four years, and since she has already served three years, she will probably walk free on Thursday morning.The defense was gloating a little bit when Cheney Mason spoke after the verdict, but certainly they have the right, since nearly all of the main stream media has been against Casey Anthony from the beginning, three years ago.We still do not know who put Caylee in the woods, and hopefully the police will re-open the investigation, and find out how Caylee was thrown into the woods in such a disgraceful way. This has truly been a tragedy for so many but the jury has spoken and we must accept their word.
Did the jury make the right decision? This is not a scientific poll. Everyone loves a poll …..

This will go on, and on for many years, but at least we now know that someone NOT GUILTY will not be put to death for something she did not do. It was just announced that NONE of the jurors wish to speak to the media.

UPDATE:   Nancy Grace just said that the ” jurors did not know the evidence that we have,”    thank goodness the jurors were sequestered, so they were NOT able to hear that EVIDENCE,  because it was not evidence,  it was just speculation, and more circumstantial evidence, if that’s what you want to call it.

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