Toronto, CANADA – Today was Canada Day all across the country and a day we should all be very proud of at 144 years young. In the past, I have walked by a Federal Court on Canada Day when people from all corners of the world have walked out of a citizenship ceremony and were granted Canadian Citizenship. It’s kinda sounds corny, but I was moved with emotion, as they were as well. They held their papers high, so all could see, and it touched me a great deal.

We are the luckiest people in the world, and many days we don’t recognize it, we are so busy rushing here and there, and taking all we have for granted.

We have free health care (paid through our taxes) we have almost every nation in the world represented in Canada,  and many cultures from all over the world. We have surpassed the recession, we have been hit by floods in some parts of Canada, but we have recovered. We are respected around the world as peacekeepers, and a member of the United Nations. Our dollar is currently worth more than the US, (only a few cents more) but it is never reported on US main stream media.
We have welcoming open arms  to all, from around the world, and if you visit Toronto, you can get any type of meal you have had in your homeland no matter where it is, and most likely it will be cooked by someone who is from that country.

There is no doubt, we have problems, but in the big picture we are very lucky and it touches me every Canada Day when I see the outpouring of pride and love from every Canadian, whether naturally born here, or came to Canada after leaving their homeland. Let’s be thankful, and never forget what we have.

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