Toronto, CANADA –  The Toronto Star  has reported the Toronto Police Service   has announced  they will not use the technique of  “kettling”    protesters like they did almost a year ago on June 27th at the G20 summit in Toronto. What they did,  protesters were gathered at Spadina/Queen and the police riot squad lines completely surrounded them on all four sides and held them in the rain for almost  four hours without arrest, it was shameful and on LIVE TV.“It is a violation of Section 9 of the Charter, which provides and guarantees the freedom from arbitrary detention,”  said Nathalie Des Rosiers, general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.   “It rounds up, detains and prevents from moving large groups of people for which the police have no evidence that they have done anything wrong.” 

Not only is it against the charter of rights, it is against fairness and common sense. It’s like in public school, one kid would act up and the teacher says,  You all are going to stay for a detention unless you come forward and point out the offending student,”  it’s just not right.  There were many things “not right”   at the G20 summit almost a year ago in Toronto and those that are responsible for this terrible situation must be held accountable, it is surely time for an inquest into the actions of the police. Only a few officers have even been charged for assaulting citizens during the summit, and most of the over 1000 that were arrested have had their charges dismissed.

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