Orlando, Florida – I’m no expert but can’t the State of Florida organize a better system for the 50 seats that are available for the general public without having camp outs and lineups for a chance to be in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Might I take a leap and suggest they create a website and allow people to try and secure a seat, or anything, but what is taking place now, it is just insane.
People are camping out overnight to secure a spot in the courtroom (only 50 seats available to general public) and fights are now actually breaking out because some people are cutting the line before courts starts. Fights broke out overnightThursday, and a person has been taken away in an ambulance already this week, and it’s not going to end until they organize this better.People are so tired from lining up overnight, that four people were thrown out of the court yesterday because they had actually fell asleep in the courtroom during trial.

They must resolve this before someone else gets hurt, for something so stupid. They can’t organize a lineup for 50 people to get into a courtroom and yet they want to put a person to death? Very sad indeed. The crowd is not like the one on the top left, but it is just 50 people, they must be able to do this better.

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