Orlando, Florida – The Casey Anthony murder trial has ended for today and the prosecution has indicted they will finish their presentation of the case either tomorrow or Wednesday and then the defense puts on their case in chief. It appears, to me, that the prosecution has not put on ANY evidence that Casey killed her daughter, there is tons of circumstantial, and emotional evidence, but is that evidence? This is a death penalty case and if Casey Anthony is found guilty she could be put to death on circumstantial and emotional evidence, just doesn’t seem fair to me. Will justice be served?

Court has been adjourned for the rest of the day and will continue again Tuesday at 1pm (EST) since the trial is ahead of schedule, no surprise, it doesn’t take long when you have no evidence.The whole case is very fishy/flimsy and since the state did not prove anything, except emotion, the defense should rest and say the state did not prove the case. We all know that will not happen, but the defense may bring out some shocking REAL evidence.
The real tragedy is, Caylee is still dead, but now they want to put Casey to death, which would be another tragedy.

Trail begins again tomorrow, Tuesday at 1pm (EST)

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FULL LIVE steaming video and audio sites where you can view or HEAR the trial. Most days it is available online Monday thru Saturday and the best video feed is HERE and if you just want AUDIO CLICK HERE. Some of the sites allow you to view previous trial videos as well. Both, only work when the trial is LIVE.


We all love polls.  Do you have an opinion, do you like polls? Let us all know what you think the prosecution has done so far since the defense will start up later this week.