UPDATE – June 10/2011 – 4pm – Constable Glenn Weddell (Badge 99944) Toronto Police Service has been charged criminally with assault causing bodily harm in relation to an alleged assault June 2010. He attended SIU headquarters this afternoon around 2pm Friday.
Toronto, CANADA – We are coming up to the one year anniversary of the G20 fiasco in downtown Toronto last June at the G20 summit and finally another police officer has been identified in allegedly assaulting citizen Dorian Barton. This is just on the heals of the investigation into the spending spree that went on while the G20 summit was in Toronto and had a budget of over a $$ billion, but only 600 million was actually spent. However many businesses that were affected and damaged by the rioting that went on downtown, have yet to be compensated.
is investigating the alleged assault on Dorian after he was hit by an unidentified officer until pictures came forward and none of the other officers were able to identify him until recently. Dorian was hauled off to the Torontonomo Bay Detention
Centre  and had an injured arm, without any medical treatment and several bruises. Even the officer that was with Weddell during the summit and bunked with him during the summit were unable to identify him. Is there, or was there the code blue of silence?Announced by the Toronto Star today, Constable Glenn Weddell, of Toronto Police Service is finally being investigated, but he never “knew”they were looking for him?? Yeah .. right.

Dorian Barton assault details

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