Orlando, Florida – K9 Orlando Sheriff’s police officer Jason Forgey testified this afternoon that his cadaver dog Garris was “tired” and “overworked” and the defense attorney Jose Baez objected, but it was sustained. Baez does not want any of this testimony admitted but the Judge has allowed it. Baez objected, about the K9 officer saying what he “thought” his dog was “thinking and feeling” and the Judge allowed it. Baez had objected that it was speculation, which sounds speculating to me as well. Isn’t it “hearsay” or is it “bark-say” that the Judge allows animals evidence in a “real world” situation. I’m no lawyer, but it seems unreasonable and unfair to me.

In testimony this morning, FBI analyst Dr. Michael Rickenbach explained what qualitative means, that some part of a particular product is there in regards to the chloroform. Quantitative tells you how much of that product is present. It is also a known fact that chloroform is present in and around swimming pools from chlorine. It is expected this will be brought up when the defense starts.

Rickenbach’s lab uses gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) machine that detects these items in the trunk.
The tests were done looking for chloroform in the trunk and large amounts were discovered, but it was not determined to be an exact amount. Defense attorney Baez challenged the evidence because he felt that products in the trash may have given a false reading.

The trial continues tomorrow at 9am (EST)

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