Orlando, Florida – UPDATE: Important info at the end of this posting regarding hair banding.

The Casey Anthony murder trial entered day 10 today with expert evidence from Karen Lowe of the FBI, a microscopic examiner of trace evidence, specialty hair. Lowe has been with the FBI for 15 years and this is the first time she has given this special new hair banding evidence.

Hair banding is explained as a mark on a piece of hair that has come out of a dead body and has a mark on it just above the root level. This is being discussed because a piece of nine inch hair was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car after it had been discovered when her car was towed. This was before Caylee Anthony’s body was found and became a big score for the prosecution and started the ball rolling against Casey. There was only one piece of hair found that had this special hair banding mark on it although many other pieces of hair were found in the car.

Casey’s lawyer Jose Baez didn’t want this evidence introduced and tried earlier to block it, and he’s been skeptical of this sort of evidence and it was clear today as he tried to prove that it is just a theory, and a person’s opinion without any scientific proof that it is accurate. In fact a case was overturned by Innocence Project in a case from 1978 that had similar evidence and was determined to be unreliable and DNA was ordered and the defendant was released after spending 17 years in prison and on death row.

This becomes very complicated because it is very specialized stuff, and basically a strand of hair has mitochondrial DNA but cannot be linked to one person unless a nuclear DNA test is performed on it. And the fact that the strand of hair has a black mark above the root, it does not mean the hair came from a dead person. But the prosecution tried to prove this, but was headed off by Baez challenge and then Karen Lowe started to dance around the questions.She kept mentioning that details were “consistent with” (a code word for we can’t prove it, and hope you take our word for it) and Baez would have no part of it, he kept questioning her and she revealed that hair cannot be a means for identification without nuclear DNA. All of the other hairs that were examined by Lowe did not have any banding whatsoever. (no parenting decomposition) The one hair in question has been identified as “Q12”  which I am sure we will hear much more about throughout the trial.

Baez, near the end got to the point where he was trying to discredit Lowe and asked her if she failed the annual proficiency test, which she replied, “yes.”  Baez tried to bring up other cases related to this theory but was shut-down by Chief Judge Perry in the absence of the jury.

The prosecution said “They have been doing this for years,”   but just because examiners do things for years does not mean it is right or correct, it just means they have been doing it for years.

The trial ended up with a CSI investigator who talked about a sniffing machine that was attempted to lift smells from the car, the trunk, and the garage of the CSI office. He will continue his testimony on Monday at 9am. Baez will challenge this more on Monday, as “junk science.”

UPDATE: July 8/2011 – Since I am getting so many hits for hair banding, I must tell you that it has been revealed that it is indeed “JUNK SCIENCE,” because even living people have been know to have hair banding, so that was a crock.  Casey was expected to get out of jail on July 13th but someone has moved it back to July 17th.

So if the OSPO police have said she will be released on Sunday, July 17th and they have lied about that, can they be charged for LYING TO THE PUBLIC?

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