Orlando, Florida – Most of the morning was spent showing more of the jailhouse videos showing Casey continuing to lie, and wondering why no one is thinking of her, and the fact she is the victim.

Why is the prosecution showing these jailhouse videos for two days straight?  When you have no REAL evidence, attack the defendant. If they have evidence, why are they not putting it forward, upfront? The answer: if you have no evidence, demonize, ridicule the defendant, make them look as bad as possible, and since they don’t know if she will take the stand, this makes the jury remember her, as a bad person.

Lead CSI Investigator Gerardo Bloise (pictured below) of the Orlando Sheriff’s Office (OSO) an ex-police officer working at the OSO for over 15 years. He also has smelled human decomposition more than 30-45 times and when he opened Casey’s car to document the contents which he presented in court today, he recognized the smell “you never forget in a lifetime.” There is some evidence of Casey putting dryer sheets in the car to take away the smell, and spraying the car with Febreeze to counter the smell. It has still not been proved that anyone else had access to the car, but it was pointed out that George Anthony had an extra set of keys, which he used when he picked up the car at the tow yard.

Why is the prosecution pursuing the smell of a dead body in Casey’s car with several witnesses, when the defense could bypassed that by just acknowledging the fact that they agree to the smell in the car based on their statement that the baby died in the backyard pool.

“I need to be looked at as a victim, and I’m just as much a victim as the rest of you,” Casey said, wow, that’s a stretch, knowing that she killed Caylee or that she downed in a pool and she never disclosed that fact, either way, she is not a victim. At least not until we hear from her on the stand. (jialhouse video 2008)

Bloise also indicated today that the gas gauge showed the car was not empty, but then defense attorney, Jose Baez challenged that by asking if the car was driven to see if it was out of gas or maybe the gas gauge was just broken. He also gave testimony that there were no dead animals under the carriage of the car, and took several days to complete a full examination of the vehicle.

There was an objection from the prosecution late this afternoon when Baez tried to ask if Bloise did a full/complete examination of the car when the defense renowned CSI inspector Henry Lee found more human hairs after Bloise had finished his work on the vehicle.

Many were wondering if the items tagged today from the car, tire covering and carpet from the trunk, had the smell of death on them, but it was disclosed that the smell had gone away. It was also suggested that the prosecution have a can with the smell of human decomposition in it, and they may request to have the jury smell the contents. Hope not.

The trial continues tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am – 1pm (EST), on HLN (check your local listings) at 9am or can be viewed online streaming HERE on WFTV in Orlando, while the trial is in session.

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