Orlando, Florida –  If I didn’t know better, I would believe everything Casey is telling us from the video tapes from her jail, that I watched today. I think she knows who these “imaginary friends” have in their fridge, if she was asked.
She sounds intelligent and well spoken to me and never hesitates to think up a lie, when asked a question, she answers immediately with great detail. It’s no wonder she has fooled people for all this time, and the only other answer could be, she is actually telling the truth?

“not everything I told you is a lie” Casey said to an Orlando Sheriff’s Department detective. She is an admitted liar, and a good one, but the fact she lies, does not make her a murderer, evidence, and evidence alone will do that. The burden of proof is still on the prosecution to prove she killed Caylee, she doesn’t have to prove she didn’t. Yes, she is a liar, but can the prosecution prove the case against her? You cannot convict her because she lied.
Many have stated that the trial will come down to “who you believe,”  if it comes to that, then Casey will win. But in my opinion it comes down to what significant evidence the state has that prove their theory. She could sell ice to an Eskimo and tell them anything they wanted to know, and people would believe her. But then, isn’t that what a jury does, determine who is telling the truth? And the defense is not required to provide any evidence, it is the states responsibility, to prove the facts of the case, beyond a reasonable doubt.

But if it went down like Casey says, and Caylee was drowned by accident, I still don’t understand her attitude, and the way she was talking on the tapes in 2008 at the county jail. It just doesn’t make any sense. I remember listening to the tapes back in 2008 and they appear to have a whole new meaning now, since the revelations of the opening statements by her defense attorney, Jose Baez that Caylee was not murdered, it was an accident. But remember, opening statements are not considered evidence, but anyone hearing that would give it a lot of weight.

There is no way they will get all 12 jurors to believe she is guilty based on testimony so far. If only one holds out, it would be a hung jury, and based on how the police have acted since the beginning there is no doubt in my mind that the prosecution will steamroll ahead and go into another trial.

Trial continues again tomorrow at 9am and they will sit on Saturday morning as well.

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