UPDATE: CN Tower Edge walk officially opens Monday

Toronto, CANADA – The new “EDGE WALK” 356 metres (116 stories) above the ground, where you can walk around the CN Tower above the restaurant and get your thrills, or frights, for this hands-free walk for a measly $175. Demand is brisk and there is a waiting list for this harnessed walk around the top of the restaurant, with nothing holding you back, but the cabled harnesses.

Another attraction to bring in the customers, was a clear glass floor on the observation gallery which allows you to look right through to the ground, which sees schoolkids jumping on the glass to try and break it, but it’s about a foot thick.
The CN Tower   is a must see while in Toronto, and on a clear day you can see Niagara Falls and New York State, USA.
Without the “Edge Walk” you only pay for the elevator ride, $34.99 to the observation gallery which gives a panoramic view of downtown Toronto, and you can see  Niagara Falls  and New York State on a clear day.

It is one of tallest and most identifiable free standing structures in the western world, and most photographed, when visitors come to Toronto. It boasts a full service revolving restaurant on the pod level, (elevator included in reservations) or just pay the fee of $34.99 or check out the other full packages RATES HERE.The CN Tower was originally built in 1974 for communications, but now with the advent of satellite communications it’s used mainly for bouncing signals to the heavens.

A must see, if you are visiting this great city, and you never get lost walking around downtown Toronto, just look up, and get your bearings from the CN Tower.  “It’s not CNN”   is a takeoff on visitors asking me many years ago,  “Where’s the CNN Tower?”    They must be from the USA.

For more info go to CNTOWER.

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