Orlando, Florida – It appears by todays murder trial of Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee, that the “gas cans” which were reported stolen by Casey’s father George A. Anthony, are extremely important. Back in June/2008 they were not important to George, but they have become a key part of the evidence since the “duct tape” on the can has been alleged to have been found on the skeletal remains of Caylee.
It has been reported the defenses position on the duct tape may be because whomever was trying to dispose of Caylee’s body tried to make it appear like she had been kidnapped.
The tape on the body was found by Roy Kronk (meter reader) in the woods near the Anthony home. He has been accused by the defense in their opening statements that he allegedly “placed the dead body of Caylee Anthony in the woods and was only trying to receive the reward.” This has been denied by the lawyer of Kronk, David Evans, who the defense alleges was provided to him by the city.

Yesterday the Casey Anthony defense team, in its opening statement, suggested that Roy Kronk was somehow involved in the placement and disposition of the remains of Caylee Anthony. This defense theory regarding Mr. Kronk is completely false. The suggestion that Mr. Kronk took possession of Caylee’s remains is totally lacking in logic or explanation. It did not happen.  David L Evans, attorney for Roy Kronk.

Judge Belvin Perry

The other reason the “gas cans” became an issue is that George had explained he was going to cut the grass on June 24/2008 and that is when he noticed the cans were missing from his shed in the backyard. He then called police and make a report and an officer took the information, but it was disclosed by Jose Baez (defense attorney) that he did not cut the grass for over a month after the June 24th incident. This is important because, he (George Anthony) said today that he put the “duct tape on the can”after the 24th and was then handed over to the police and they discovered that the tape was the same as on the

Famous duct taped gas can

dead body of young Caylee. The cross-examination of George went on for more than an hour this morning and it was very combative, with Baez asking many questions relating to the gas cans, which George appeared very evasive about. Throughout the trial it appears that George Anthony has a very selective

memory about things that happened during the disappearance/death of his grandchild, he can remember what Caylee was wearing on June 16th but can’t remember other important things.
The trial continues this afternoon at 1:30pm before Chief Judge Belvin Perry who must be a hockey fan because he even mentioned the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL hockey team this morning.

This afternoon the prosecution brought up witness after witness just continually asking if they thought that Casey’s demeanor was good or bad during the time they were with her. Baez countered that with asking each one, “do you know how Caylee died, did you know Caylee was missing, etc” and unless it becomes an issue later in the trial it was a complete waste of taxpayer money and time flying these witnesses in to say, basically they know nothing. Yes, Casey appears to be uncaring, whether her daughter died by accident or she killed her,but I’m just waiting for the defense to admit to that and maybe the trial can move on. Don’t hold your breath, the trial continues tomorrow at 9am.

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