JOPLIN, Missouri – A huge tornado hit the town of  50,000  yesterday and took 122 lives and rescuers are still looking for survivors. It was almost three mile wide swath and wiped out entire areas of Joplin.

As you can see many trees were stripped completely and devastation throughout the small town.

The thing that really gets me, is why are there so many tornadoes in the USA and the total has almost hit 1000 this year and yet there were only about 600 last season.

We are in North America too, in Canada, and yet I can’t recall us receiving any tornadoes or hurricanes. The media meteorologists have not addressed this, and there are areas in the USA that get these disasters every year. Is someone, somehow, controlling these tornadoes to hit just the USA? Yes, yes, conspiracy theories, not me, just asking why they always seem to hit the USA? Do tornadoes just stop at the 49th parallel border between Canada and the USA? After a little more research I have come to the realization that the tornadoes have always been in the Mid-USA in “Tornado Alley” and it is in the mid-west where three different temperature storm cycles come together in the middle of the USA from the west, the north and the Gulf of Mexico and gather in the middle of the USA where the tornadoes are formed, so that pretty well puts my theory to rest but does not diminish the strength of the people in Joplin, they are amazing.

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We will be praying again tonight for all our friends in Joplin, Missouri and wish you all the best in your recovery, do not give up, you will all get past this and it will show you how great your community really is. It’s going to be very hard for the next few weeks, but you will get past this and, your people will do it. God bless you all.
Above left,  is an amazing picture of a rescue helicopter at a nearby hospital in the background which was thrown around like a toy. 
And below right, St. Mary’s Church is destroyed but the cross is amazingly still standing.

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