'BOMBSHELL' Nancy Grace "KNOWS" Casey killed her

Orlando, Florida – First day of trial – In the opening statement of Casey Anthony death penalty murder trail for killing her two year old daughter Caylee Anthony in 2008, her defense attorney Jose Baez has disclosed she drown on June 16/2008 in the backyard swimming pool.
This is a case that had international attention from over three years ago when the child, Caylee Anthony went missing for 31 days in Orlando, Florida and the mother was finally charged with murder after she had not reported the child missing.

Defense attorney Jose Baez claims the father (George) was aware of the death and scolded Casey and will prove at trial how the parents (Cindy & George) were well aware of the whole situation.
Is the jury going to believe this, since most of the evidence is circumstantial and Baez said “This is not a murder case, this is not a manslaughter case, this is an accident that snowballed out of control.” It is also alleged by the defense attorney that Casey was “taught to lie” at a very young age and was just following the teachings of her family during the outcome of this tragedy. He also alleges that Casey was “sexually abused as a child by her father George Anthony” a retired Sheriff’s Deputy in Florida/Ohio.
George Anthony had attempted suicide about a year after the death of his grand daughter and had never disclosed that he was aware of the child drowning in the backyard swimming pool. He is at the trial with his wife and mother of Casey but have been instructed by the trial judge not to show any emotion or they will be ejected from the courtroom.
The trial is expected to last two months. The trial can be seen on HLN (Headline News), sister station of CNN or can can be seen LIVE online at WFTV and click on “Watch Casey Anthony Trial,” it is not known if HLN will be carrying the whole trial or just opening statements.
If there is any truth to these opening statements, this has been the best kept secret of the century.
Nancy Grace still thinks Casey Anthony is ‘guilty of murdering her daughter,’ two year old Caylee Anthony. It will be interesting to see what Nancy Grace has to say about these revelations on her show tonight.
IMPORTANT UPDATE – May 23/2011Yes, CNN will be carrying LIVE coverage of the Anthony trial on their sister station HLN (Headline News) it’s on different channels depending what your carrier is, and it starts at 9AM Tuesday morning, we are not sure if they will cover the whole trial or just the opening statements. If you have any news, let us know, comment below.

Orlando, Florida – Nancy Grace is a legend in her own mind, and now is so excited that the murder trial for Casey Anthony “trial of the century” is starting Tuesday. It’s been three years since the death of the young toddler and her body (skeletal remains) were found months after she went missing in the woods near the Anthony home in Florida. It appears that if anyone disagrees with NG’s opinion, she immediately switches guests and talks to someone that agrees with her viewpoint. Rudeness is one of her qualities, and I think it is all for show, and she just loves “shocking everyone” with her attitude which makes the show more exciting, (in her opinion, but does get unwatchable) and then they go to the endless looping of the videos from previous days, months and years earlier. Do the public really forget this material so quickly and it must be repeated over, and over again?
The remains of this beautiful young child had not determined a cause of death, and it is unknown if she was killed or died somehow in an accident, but the mother (Casey) just kept making excuses to the Grandparents after they had not seen their granddaughter for over a month.
Most parents anywhere, would totally freak out if their child was missing for 30 seconds, (not 31 days) why not Casey? But the defense has said this will be explained in the opening statement tomorrow in the first three minutes, we’ll wait to see if that happens.
The trial is expected to last at least two months but I predict it will last longer. It took almost two weeks for the trail to pick a jury and it was picked in another place in Florida, and the trial will be moved back to Orlando now that they have 12 jurors and five alternates selected.

Nancy Grace is the host of a CNN show on the HLN Network and has been a child advocate for many years. She covers unusual murder/missing persons cases and has her own flair to keep the story alive. She does bring some cases to the National audience which is usually around 600,000 viewers per night across America.
She has taken special interest in this case and since the beginning has given the impression that she is totally “guilty”of this horrific crime, long before a trial has started.We did watch her show years ago with interest, but it has just become an endless loop of video and statements from “special guests” that never seems to end. It’s a one hour show and if you delete the repeated endless looping videos from the hour, you end up with about 15 minutes of commentary, or as Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez calls it, “wrestling entertainment show” which isn’t far from the truth. The trial which starts on Tuesday, will be covered live on TruTV, but if you don’t have TruTV you can also watch a LIVE feed from the local ABC station in Orlando WFTV channel 9 and just click on the “Watch the LIVE trial”

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