UPDATE – May 9/2011 – Toronto, CANADA Toronto recently started charging five cents for plastic carry bags and we are all running out of garbage bags for our trash. I think I may have a solution to this dilemma. (below)

It’s the opposite of what it use to be, we had plastic bags coming out of ears, but now with the five cent “TAX” to preserve the environment, (because plastic bags do not decompose in landfills”) we now bring our own carry bags. What happened to the old system of “plastic or paper” years ago when they introduced plastic bags. We were given a choice. But now that they have banned plastic carry bags we are forced to bring our own, and yet the stores never started using paper bags, why not?

And where does this five cent “TAX” go, in the pocket of the vendor? Some large chains are being responsible and donate these fees to charitable groups like (World Wildlife Fund – WWF) but there is no requirement under the current law. So what happens, is many of the corner stores are just adding this “FEE, TAX” to their bottom line. ($500 to $1000 per month?)

Our solution, is to have two garbage containers in your kitchen. (see photo left) One for wet waste and a small plastic garbage container for dry items, boxes, wrappers or anything that is not wet. This actually works, and we have noticed that our “wet” garbage has decreased considerably, and we just carry the dry garbage out to the re-cycle bin.
The Toronto Star did an expose on “where the five cents is going” back in January 2010 which you might find interesting, as well and still to this day there is no real plan where the money is going, mostly into the pockets of retailers. The NEW bag fee (bylaw) went into effect back in June 2009 and we’re coming up to three years of this TAX/Fee grab and still no real answers. The new Mayor Of Toronto Rob Ford has said on many occasions that he wants to ban this practice but so far has done nothing. It is a noble cause, but talk about nickle and dimeing the public, this is one of the best.
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UPDATE – December 31/2010 The new Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has put plastic bag charges on his hit list for the new year, and rightly so. The bad part about it all is the “fees” go to the store owners and there is no rules as to what they are suppose to do with the money.
And why did stores not resort back to paper bags when they started charging for plastic? Because they didn’t have to and why should they when they are making so much “FREE” money thanks to Miller. The Toronto Star spoke about it HERE.
Does anyone remember the old saying at the grocery store “paper or plastic”.

Now that it is a law that stores charge five cents (which is 6 cents with HST) for the purchase of a plastic bag, where will the “garbage bags” come from for homes? The principle is valid, but if the public does not get the bags from the local stores when they buy groceries where are they to get them? They will have to go back to the store and buy boxes of plastic bags, which does nothing for the environment, because they are still using plastic bags.
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Check out the City of Toronto bylaw on their
, which started in June 2009.

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Most people have had a stockpile of plastic bags and now they are slowly running out, so what should they do with their garbage, just throw it off the balconies?
In Toronto and many other jurisdictions they are trying to ban plastic bags at grocery checkouts because they do not decompose in landfills. In Toronto they have made it a law that all stores are to charge five cents per bag but have not indicated where the five cents is to go.

And where is this five cent per bag money going? Larger chain stores have indicated they are giving it to certain charities but corner stores are just pocketing these plastic bag fees. So are people starting to use the plastic bags that come from bread bags, and how does this eliminate the environment problem.
No matter which way you cut it, plastic bags are still going into the landfill.
The idea of carrying tote bags has been around for years, but when you get the groceries home, how are we suppose to get rid of the garbage? Some have tried loading garbage into plastic bags and then emptying them down the garbage shoot in apartments and reusing the bags, but what are people in houses to do?
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