TorontoThe Sun News Network launched yesterday and although it is new, it has some minor problems but overall it is very fresh and clean and lot’s of opinion.In a story in the Toronto Sun newspaper on Monday they discussed the launch but they failed to mention one small detail, what channels the Sun News Network would be on across Canada. You can view all the channel listings HERE  depending what service provider you have across Canada.In the story yesterday in The Toronto Sun newspaper they did not give the viewers the service providers that would be carrying the signal.They herald it as a Coast to Coast coverage, but seem to only go as far east as Montreal, what about the EAST coast, that is a coast too. They need to put a clock on the screen, since early in the morning most people are checking their time.
I have to give them credit for giving us a FULL screen as opposed to CP24 who scrunches it into the top left corner with all kinds of junk around the screen that no-one is interested in.The morning show “First Look”  was very lame with way too much chit-chat and although they are introducing the crew, there was very little news in the two hour show. They have to give it a rest with the weather too, it seems it is on every five minutes. The whole Network has been touted as the “Fox News North”  because it gives a non-Liberal outlook on the news.
“The Source”  with Ezra Levant  at 5pm daily with several repeats throughout the night, will be the highlight of the new network, with lot’s of opinion and he doesn’t hold back with his disregard for the  Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which we all agree with him, no matter what side you’re on.

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