Toronto – Charlie Sheen performed his first of two concerts Thursday at Massey Hall in Toronto (My Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour) and although Thursday was sold out, tickets are still available for Friday.

Thursday featured very mixed reactions, from terrible to terrific and although the show ended abruptly at about 9:35 many were disappointed. Russell Peters, local Canadian comedian from Toronto was on stage with Sheen and many thought Peters carried the show as he interviewed him throughout.
Prior to the opening, Sheen bypassed the large crowd that had camped out at the stage door on Victoria Street and entered by another door, but still a large crowd found out just how personable he can be.


He even came out on the fire exit for a smoke break several times and had exchanges with his adoring fans before the show started. There were no shortage of tickets as the scalpers were asking $200 and up per seat, and someone even handed out “Tiger Blood” hot sauce after the show.

Many felt Sheen’s performance was better than in Detroit, but much of the credit had to go to Russell Peters and without him the “Warlock” may not have done as well. “Russell Peters is taking a different approach, in a way he was interviewing him which is kind of good because he’s tackled all the interviews he’s done State side. The crowd is reacting very well, their yelling good things out about his old past movies which we all remember. We’re in Toronto, where else are you able to see Charlie Sheen, we were able to get floor seats at a great price and we are very happy and it was worth the money to us.” said Rob from Toronto. But unfortunately after he finished his cigarette he realized it wasn’t a break, but the show was over.

Sheen was told not to smoke in the venue because of Ontario’s smoking laws, so he did comply and smoked on the fire exit. There was an intermission break just after 9 pm and when they started up again many people were still outside before they knew it, the show was over.


Russell Oliver, the “Cash Man”, stopped to say hello as he entered the Shuter Street doors. The crowd seemed to be on the younger side and everyone was in agreement, they wanted to see what it was all about, and possibly hear some of his drug crazed stories. Laila and Michelle were able to get tickets at the last minute as they visited Toronto for the first time from Melbourne, Australia and enjoyed themselves immensely. “Charlie won’t be coming down under, so this was our only chance to see him”

“Mad Dog of Virgin Radio stepped out for a smoke and said, “They stumbled onto a great thing having Russell Peters here tonight, I think he’s really saving the show he’s keeping it move along, he’s giving it some rhythm.” “He’s in Canada and we’re a more receptive audience we’re a lot more polite, we’re not going to walk out, we’re not going to heckle, we’re not here to be rude, we want to have a good time.”

Next stop on the tour, Rogers Centre in Vancouver B.C. on Monday, May 2.2011.

Charlie Sheen led a march from his hotel at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto of just over a 100 dedicated fans to his second concert at Massey Hall on Friday night. They marched through the streets of Toronto to the concert hall where 3500 patrons were waiting for his arrival while he wore his “I’m Not Bipolar” tougue and cheered on the adoring fans as they walked arm and arm up University Avenue to Shuter Street. He immediately went onto the fire scape of the Massey Hall and addressed his faithful followers before he entered his final concert in Toronto before he heads to Vancouver for the final leg of his Canadian tour. There were tons of media and news helicopters following the whole march route, without incident, and it’s still unknown what the fascination of Charlie Sheen is to his fans in Toronto, but he certainly has that touch to draw the crowds in.

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