TORONTO – Women’s Roller Derby is back in the Toronto area with team competition at the Downsiew Park “Hangar” in the city’s west end. For all the action, read all about it.

Are you heading out to Downsview Park this weekend, on Saturday night to check out the six team Women’s Roller Derby League at “The HANGAR” and be sure to see lot’s of action. Roller derby involves full body contact and skaters who careen past each other to score points. Six teams are competing in the Toronto Roller Derby League and play every other Saturday night at the Downsview Park Hanger, check schedule, dates and times.
A rematch of  last years champions, Chicks Ahoy vs. Gore-Gore Roller Girls hit the track this week, Saturday, April 9/2011 at 6:30pm, at the “‘The Hangar” at Downsview Park. Full directions on their website.
Seating is limited, so it is recommended that you bring a chair. If you take the bus it stops right at the front door.
The league has been operating for five years but just moved to Downsiew Park within the last two years, and the higher ranking skating teams travel throughout North America for competition.

Admission fee $18, $12 in advance and with a flat track, not banked. Now that the Leafs are out, watch some real body contact by the girls of  Toronto Roller Derby League.
If you missed the action on April 9th they get underway again next Saturday, April 16/2011, doors open 6:30 pm at “The Hangar.”
Smoke City Betties vs. Death Track Dolls which should be an excellent match, but get there early.
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