Monday, February 25/2011

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TORONTO – These young 12-year-old boys were forced to either forfeit their playoff game in Barrie, Ontario for their Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) or continue on in the quest to continue in the 52nd annual Quebec International Pee-wee Hockey Tournament in Quebec City.
Thanks to their team sponsor James Massie (who played in the tournament 40 years earlier) they were able to accommodate both, when Massie came forward and chartered a private jet so they could fly back and forth to Quebec City, what a class act.

The OMHA made an arbitrary decision that if they did not return for their playoff game they would have defaulted and lost their playoff berth, because they had to meet their commitments to a playoff game back in Barrie, Ontario as reported in the Toronto Star.
It appears that the OMHA has lost touch with reality and have forgotten how important it is for these young lads to attend one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. They sit in their high office and lose sight of why they are there.
Bottom line, they won their playoff game but lost to Russia in the tournament, well done boys.
This is the way to survive in Quebec City during the winter and avoid shoveling your driveway. ———————->>>>>>
Some will cover their complete driveway – no shoveling. Huh …

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