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IMPORTANT UPDATE – February 16/2011
I thought we were being ripped off, now I know we are being ripped off. I checked with my sister in Michigan, USA, and she told me she never heard of such a thing as bandwidth usage. The reason for that is that Comcast which provides their TV and internet has their threshold for bandwidth set at 250GB, yes 250GB per month for around $40 per month, and it starts at $30 per month for the first six months. And it’s been this way since 2008. We on the other hand here in Canada are restricted to a measly 25GB per month. Is the CRTC aware of this, they soon will be.

Also with this question I asked if Rogers and Bell have a place where I can see what uses most of my bandwidth, Comcast has it clearly outlined on this link what will tell you what uses most of your bandwidth.

They say that with your monthly allowance of 250GB, you could send 50 million emails but here’s a real scary thing, they say that downloading a movie could use 2GB per movie, be warned, the big guys don’t tell us these things.

No Bell Canada

With all the talk recently about bandwidth, where can I find directions on using the least amount of bandwidth, while I surf the internet?
I don’t think we will ever be able to find it, since they have a conflict of interest, the BIG guys, they want us to use as much as possible so they can charge us more.

And does anyone make them tell us? The Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) just recently had hearings about the bandwidth issue but I never read anything about making the larger companies tell us how to watch our bandwidth usage.

Should we refrain from using chat rooms, streaming video, downloading movies, downloading music, downloading Netflix? Why are these questions not addressed by the CRTC or for that matter why is Bell and Rogers not telling us how we can avoid these hidden cash grabs.
They will say “it’s in the brochure and it’s on our website” but if you ask them on the phone you never really get an answer. Why is that?

So many questions, no answers. Let’s not all become “sheeple.”

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