UPDATE – February 12/2011 – Bell has put their bandwidth monitor back up, but can we trust it?

Scene and Heard

UPDATE – February 11/2011Excellent story and viewpoint by leanne about the Bell internet bandwidth charges in the SceneAndHeard website from Toronto.

“Bell has their fat finger on the scale”.
UPDATE – February 10/2011 – I just read a thread on DSLreports and people are getting very angry about this “Bell internet usage monitor” which appears not to be working now and possibly never really worked before. It appears customers had their doubts about this from as far back as 2009.

Here’s another more updated THREAD (CLICK HERE) on Bell getting a little greedy, by the way, isn’t that why everyone left Bell 30 years ago?

I signed up for Bell Fibe TV and internet service November 2010 and it’s been a nightmare merry-go-round ever since. When the service is working properly it is the best service available in Toronto. With all the talk the last few days about “bandwidth issues” in the news and being investigated by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) I was looking closely at my bandwidth usage and was surprised by the revelations by Bell this morning in the Toronto Star.
They had secretly charged me an extra $10 for November for overage on bandwidth in November 2010, the first month I signed up for the service but I still dispute those charges.
The full story can be seen HERE in the Toronto Star, Moneyline today, with just “stock answers” from Bell, which I seem to receive from all their customer service reps. I finally spoke to one rep today, Mathew Lauren, he was simply amazing, courteous and extremely helpful.

You can read the whole nightmare I encountered CLICK HERE or HERE when I signed up in November 2010, and although after seven visits by service techies it is better, but I still get pixillating and sound-outs. Their answer to the problem is, “we’re working on it” three months later.
I still have not received my “free month” with it working properly and who knows, maybe they will fix it, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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