UPDATE: September 7/2011 – Nothing has really changed much since I wrote this almost a year ago, I’m still getting pixillating and soundouts but it is better than the first week they installed the new FIBE-TV. After more than 15 service professionals  have attended our home we still have issues that have not been resolved, and yet Bell has said they were resolved.

I have to commend them for updating  a few features  which are quite neat, they now allow you to pause LIVE TV on all boxes within your house and they just added another feature which allows us to go online and either watch or update our recordings from the internet. Caution for Canadian customers, if you watch your shows online you must monitor your bandwidth usage   because if you go over your limited bandwidth you could be charged extra.

UPDATE – May 5/2011 – Bell has been, and can be very arrogant, if you look at this flyer we received this week telling us the service is available in our building. And the fact that they say the service is good quality, “Best TV picture?”  We are still experiencing problems six months later, although it is better than in the first week in November 2010, it is still pixillating, and sound-outs. To say “This technology is the BEST”  is really a stretch. When it’s working, is is excellent, but that has not been our experience.

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One Bell techie told us “You can’t expect it to be 100%” but Bell expects us to PAY 100%?

November 29/2010 – It’s almost a month since I had Bell Fibe TV/internet installed and I must say I am very impressed by Bell Canada, and especially Ryan the techie who dropped by on Sunday and did a thorough and excellent job fixing my TV signal.

I have had some complaints and they have finally addressed them, however I am still annoyed with the sales practices of the in-lobby sales people. But with that put aside, after talking with the Bell Executive Team in Montreal (they called me) my pixillating and sound problems have . The picture quality is absolutely excellent, no pixallating (where the picture takes a burp,) or sound outs.

UPDATE – December 8/2010 Pixillating and sound outs are back, but nice try. They say they will still resolve the problem but when it is working it’s great.

My next question is, will this corrective measure be addressed to “everyone” that has problems? I hope so, and suspect it is in Bell’s best interest to do so, and will people just give up and switch back after the first few weeks of pixillating picture.

On another happy note another service techie called and was able to fix the Bell anti-virus software that I was told was a “known issue and would not be resolved for a few months.” The internet side was not a problem other that the anti-virus situation since it was excellent speed since the beginning.

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