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Do you ride the TTC subway, have you seen a rat or mouse today in Toronto.

Have you seen a mouse or a rat today?
Do they just run the tracks at night, not a chance I see them anytime.
Whenever I am at Union Station waiting for a train I see them all the time on the tracks. What are they doing, I think it’s a full time job looking for food. Do they have any chance of finding any, you bet, just look down at the tracks. Fortunately, ours are just mice in the subways, from what I have seen, but has anyone seen rats in our subway system, yet? Many shop owners around Spadina/Queen say they do see rats in their back street alleys. We’ve got bedbugs and we have rats too, take your heads out of the sand. I guess that’s the price we pay for being a big city.

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Daniel .. Toronto, CANADA

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About me, Just a regular guy from Toronto, Canada.

Toronto, Canada – I was born and raised in Toronto and lived here all my life here. Still trying to figure out how to get this posted as my “about me” link. Think I figured it out, not sure.

Simpson House Riverdale FarmI’m old enough to remember when we went to Buffalo to have a beer without having to buy any food. But Toronto has grown since those days and we have now become an International City. I can also remember when I started on the internets with AOL I was asked where do you live, and I said Toronto and people would say (mostly from the USA) “where is that” and I said about an hours drive from Buffalo.

As a young man my family moved to the United States and have lived there since but I decided to stay, and am happy I did.

I’ve worked since I was about 10 years-old and have loved it ever since. Toronto has become a world-class city and it doesn’t surprise me, and can’t think of anywhere else I would like to live.

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA
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