Thursday, 11. March 2010, 09:19:02

Bike lanes are a great idea and Toronto is creating more and more of them all over the city. The problem is they are just putting a marking on the road and they are being ignored by everyone.
If there is no protection, a barrier to keep the cars away from the bikes, it is useless.

Taxi's blocking bike lanes in Toronto

Why can’t we do it like many major cities do it around the world with an actual barrier keeping the cars away from the bike lanes? I have rode my bike in the past in downtown Toronto but find it far too dangerous with people opening car doors without looking etc. and never understand when I see someone riding a bike with their child on the back in a car seat with a helmet on and yet they are not wearing one. I find it unsafe as an adult and they force their child to ride through the busy city traffic? Unbelievable, but they can do whatever they wish, I just pray for that child.

We claim we are a “World Class City”, well lets start acting like it and protect are biking community.
Today there was a story in the Toronto Star about the frustration of the bikers that far too often cars are using the bike lanes to stop and drive in. In this article The Star article (it sometimes is slow in connecting this link) they talk about how the city is not enforcing this law regarding bikes ONLY in bike lanes. If they only had barriers as above they could stop cars from encroaching on the restricted lanes.    Read more…