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We get the best of both worlds, Olympic TV coverage in Canada.

We are so lucky in Canada we get all the coverage on many different networks. With CTV (Canadian Television Network) they also own TSN (The Sports Network) and are also partnered with Sports Net and then we also get the NBC feed. So if curling (yuk) is on one station we can change to one of the others.

I really love all the coverage that is coming in on all networks but what really annoys me is that NBC  feed, they do not tell the viewer when they are watching a “recorded earlier tape” they show it as if it is live. On CTV they always say if it is “LIVE” or recorder earlier. Why is that? Are they just coning the American viewer and they don’t care?

On the CTV network they have way too many commercials and they are even running free ads that tell us that it is on CTV, we already know that we are watching CTV. The CTV network has complained they are losing revenue because cable companies are “stealing”  their signal and not paying for it but they run free ads congratulating their own network instead of selling advertising. I don’t get it, are they trying to go broke?

I’m looking forward to the Hockey tonight the USA and Canada should be a great game.

Go Canada go……..

Daniel ……. Toronto

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I think I’ll just walk, it was a winters past.

I saw my bike (not really mine) and decided to walk. But fortunately this was from last winter and it’s already February 20th and we still don’t have any snow to speak of yet. I’ve lived here all my life and this is the first year I can remember when we didn’t have any snow. Thank goodness.

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Daniel .. Toronto, Canada

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Daniel … Toronto, CANADA

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Someone (pigeon) got a free ride? This is really cute watched it 3 times.

It’s about someone, something getting a free ride on out transit system. It’s very cute. He even knew what side of the train to get off on?

Daniel ………….. Toronto, Canada

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